Test your CycloMedia API integration on a local installation

This website is developed for system integrators that develop with the Application Programming Interfaces (API) that CycloMedia provides.

Some customers of CycloMedia have the imagery that they bought hosted on an internal website. It is for this reason that the APIs have the ability to setup a connection to local imagery instead of cloud imagery. This website simulates an installation of imagery at a customer. This way the system integrator can test his integration on local installed images.

In more detail : The Street Smart api has the configurationUrl option to be used at initialisation of the API

Local installation settings

For this local installation the configurationUrl is : http://localinstallation.cyclomedia.com:8080/configuration

Username and password for this local installation is both 'cyclo'

The URL of the javascript Street Smart API for this local installation is : http://localinstallation.cyclomedia.com/streetsmart/v19.2/api/StreetSmartApi.js

The URL of the .NET Street Smart API for this local installation is : http://localinstallation.cyclomedia.com/streetsmart/v19.2/api/api-dotnet.html

The Atlas Recording Service API is also available on this server : http://localinstallation.cyclomedia.com:8080/recordings/wfs

Available Imagery

Imagery is available in a small part of the Netherlands and Germany